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26 Feb 21:00

Permisi, maaf minta bantuannya lagi ya, dari SIMAK UI INTERNASIONAL 2015 Matdas

In a training centre, a number of pairs of athletes have been selected for mixed doubles pairs. \frac{3}{5} of the female athletes are selected, meanwhile \frac{7}{9} of male athletes are selected. Part of athletes which is not selected is equal to ... .

A. \frac{10}{31}

B. \frac{21}{31}

C. \frac{9}{14}

D. \frac{27}{35}

E. \frac{27}{62}

Saya misalkan banyak atlet perempuan dan banyak atlet pria. Dengan demikian, banyak perempuan terpilih adalah \frac{3}{5}x dan banyak pria terpilih adalah \frac{7}{9}y. Selanjutnya, saya hitung banyak perempuan dan laki laki yg tak terpilih, yaitu \frac{2}{5}x dan \frac{2}{9}y. Lalu bagaimana lagi ya? Terima kasih sebelumnya...

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27 Feb 00:26
Hint : Both of the selected female or male has same value
27 Feb 08:50
Aha! Yes I forgot about the mixed double pairs (which must have a male and female athlete). Thanks again for the hint, bro.
20 Aug 13:02

whats the answer to this questions?